Comic Con-Way 2013! - Part Two: The Treasure

My kid sure won out! She got a Tardis and Dalek mini pillow set, a Hello Kitty trade, some G-Man comics, some TMNT comics and a Turtles poster, a sketch of G-Man by Chris Giarrusso, and a Michelangelo sketch by Jacob Chabot! I managed to score a Savage Dragon digest from Erik Larsen (and I was ready to buy much more product from him but he didn’t bring much :/), the third G-Man trade, an awesome Avengers #1 homage poster by Mr Giarrusso, and we had a winning ticket that got us some goodies along with three Batman trades! The last pic is two cover recreations by Mr Chabot. If I had a spare couple of hundred dollars that X-Men 210 cover would be mine!! He said he might have some prints of it next year, so I’ll just have to come back!

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